<The Future is Now>Chapter 4 ‐ Starting a Business

Mr. Luk is determined to chase his dreams and start his own business.
Mrs. Luk, however, is torn about how she feels…

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Chapter 4 ‐ Starting a BusinessRetirement Planning for Self-Employed

"How should you plan for retirement if you are self-employed?"

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The Three Pillars of Retirement Planning

Starting a business is like stepping into the unknown. Make your preparations according to these three pillars to have a well-planned - retirement in the future:

Build Your Wealth

Build Your Wealth and grow your savings.

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Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth and plan for medical expenses.

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Enjoy Your Wealth

Enjoy Your Wealth and maintain your standard of living with a steady monthly income flow.

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It's especially important to plan ahead and consult expert advice if you are self-employed. Take the extra step for a better future today.

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