<The Future is Now>Chapter 9 ‐ You Got a Bonus

An unexpected source of income is enough
to divide Mr. and Mrs. Luk's opinions on money!

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Chapter 9 ‐ You Got a BonusFinancial Consensus

"You have different views when it comes to money. How should you negotiate?"

How would you spend your bonus?

Repay my debts

Using a bonus to clear up any remaining credit card or other debts can help avoid any interest payments in the long run.

Time to indulge

It's natural to celebrate after getting a bonus! While it's fine to splurge, don't get carried away – remember your financial goals.

Invest it for more returns

A small bonus can be capital for big returns. Under the principle of compound interest, any investment could be richly rewarded in time.

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The Three Pillars of Retirement Planning

See returns in the long run. Begin your financial planning from these three areas:

Build Your Wealth

Build Your Wealth and maintain your quality of living.

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Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth and safeguard your bases.

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Enjoy Your Wealth

Enjoy Your Wealth and Give yourself more options after you retire.

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Plan ahead and consult our experts. Good returns come to those with good planning!

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