<The Future is Now>Chapter 2 ‐ Retirement Bickering

Mrs. Luk's parents are now over 70,
so why do they still have disputes over money?

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Chapter 2 ‐ Retirement BickeringDaily Expenses

"How many calculations do you have to deal with
when planning retirement for two?"

Daily Expenses after Retirement

Are living costs the same before and after retirement? How much will it be to sustain 25 years of retirement life? The sum might be much higher than you expected when you factor in inflation*!

* Calculations based on the assumption of a retirement period of 25 years, with a year-on-year inflation rate of 3.3%.

Retirement Calculator

Use our handy calculator to find out how much your retirement expenses and savings should be, based on your current financial situation.


The Three Pillars of Retirement Planning

Begin planning for your retirement in these three areas:

Build Your Wealth

Build Your Wealth and you won't need to fear inflation.

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Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth for both your peace of mind.

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Enjoy Your Wealth

Enjoy Your Wealth and maintain your quality of life.

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