<The Future is Now>Chapter 1 ‐ Hanging Up the Boots

The news that Mr. Luk's idol is hanging up his boots sparked a conversation between the couple:
if football stars can retire at 35, how long would it take for them to do the same?

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Chapter 1 ‐ Hanging Up the BootsRetirement Age

"Have you and your partner agreed on the right time to retire?"

Is it too ambitious to retire at 50? Too cautious to retire at 70?
72% of couples are not able to retire before the age of 55!*

*Source: Manulife Investor Sentiment Index 2014

We have...

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But did you grasp all the facts before the discussion?

Studies show that Hong Kongers' expected expenses after retirement differ widely from their actual expenses.

50% of couples only have sufficient retirement savings to maintain their standard of living for 15 years or less1!

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This won't do!

As the population ages, an average woman's life expectancy is 87.3 years, and an average man's is 81.3 years2. Retirement could be as long as 20 – 30 years!

Aside from living and medical expenses, 46% of retired couples will have to also take care of their respective parents as well3!

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The Three Pillars of Retirement Planning

Begin planning for your retirement in these three areas:

Build Your Wealth

Build Your Wealth and enjoy retirement together.

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Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth so that you can both retire simple.

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Enjoy Your Wealth

Enjoy Your Wealth and ensure a regular-income stream to enjoy the same quality of living after retirement.

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